How to Market to The Innocent Archetypes

The Innocent has the desire to do more, and is unsatisfied with the status quo. Each archetype demands different things of marketing, and it is integral that you know prior to the development of a marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into some of the details, and better grasp an understanding of The Innocent. NoteIf you’re curious about finding and understanding your audience better, try our Archetypes Quiz here.

The Innocent

When looking at The Innocent archetype, it is integral to understand their ability to navigate every situation with a positive attitude. They live their life in a way that sparks joy for others. They want to promote happiness and be reliable. Everything that they do is guided by a moral compass. The Innocent does not waiver from their morals as they believe it could have negative implications for those around them.

While The Innocent can be seen as naive and as a dreamer, they can also be seen as a visionary. When this archetype applies themselves in a constructive way, they are able to bring their original ideas to fruition. Because they are sincere and trustworthy, they are able to engage with consumers and create buy-in.

The Innocent archetype lives a life of optimism, and with the correct applications, they can create hope and passion.

Target Audience

When you are looking at your target audience, you need to determine whether they are an Innocent archetype. 

The Innocent archetype is a happy-go-lucky group that strives in social environments. They can often be found in the hospitality industry.

They are opposed to all negativity, and enjoy keeping things simple. They are trustworthy and fear disappointment. There are some key considerations to determine whether your target market is The Innocent.

  • Does Your Target Market Fantasize?
  • Is Your Target Market Guided By Morals?
  • Is Your Target Market Patient?
  • Does Your Target Market Promote/Create Happiness?
  • Is Your Target Market Resilient?


If you answer yes to most of these questions, your target market is likely to be The Innocent. This archetype exists everywhere, however is more commonly found in the hospitality industry.


When marketing to The Innocent, you need to understand what they value in advertising efforts, and on the contrary, what they dislike. Each archetype is different, and to ensure your success, you need to understand what they value in brand and marketing.

If you want to successfully market to The Innocent, you need to be gimmick free and straight forward. If you can show that what you offer is a simple and clear solution, you will enable a larger buy in.

Your brand needs to display trustworthiness, sincerity, and dependability. This archetype is drawn by brands that have an optimistic look on life and the future and steer clear of brands that have guilt inducing marketing. Controversial topics are not well received due to the fact that it divides people.

At the end of the day, The Innocent wants to promote optimism and trust. By having uplifting and comfortable marketing strategies, you can ensure the target market is satisfied. These individuals are guided by morality and sincerity and respond well to brands that exemplify this.

The Innocent archetype will always live vicariously through the silver lining. By creating marketing that is focused on morality and positivity, you can effectively market to The Innocent.

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