How to Market to The Explorer Archetypes

The Explorer has the desire to experience more. They want to find the next high in life. When marketing to the creator, this has to be understood. Each archetype demands different things of marketing, and it is integral that you know prior to the development of a marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into some of the details, and better grasp an understanding of The Explorer. NoteIf you’re curious about finding and understanding your audience better, try our Archetypes Quiz here.

The Explorer

This archetype is never satisfied with what life has to offer. The Explorer embodies ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and lives life as such. While they love to experience new things, they are often unfulfilled. 

The Explorer wants to escape reality. With escapism comes discovery. While they are self reliant, they are often alone and are required to find their own ways of self fulfillment. In order to maintain such a lifestyle, they must not be tied down. This is why The Explorer has a hard time maintaining a long term relationship or a job.

When you are always looking for the next best thing, it can be hard to live in the moment and manage what you already have. The Explorer has chosen this for themselves and finds joy in experiencing more.

Target Audience

When you are looking at your target audience, you need to determine whether they are a Explorer archetype. 

This archetype can be found anywhere. However, they won’t stick around for long. To refrain from being tied down, they never stay anywhere permanently. They are driven by their desire to experience more and this is a key factor that must be understood.

  • Does My Target Market Seek Adventure?
  • Is My Target Market Thrilled by New Opportunities?
  • Does My Target Market Ignore Consequences?
  • Does My Target Market Value Lack the Ability to Commit?
  • Is My Target Market Open Minded?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, your target market is likely to be The Explorer. By looking at adrenaline seekers and travelers, you will be able to find the target audience.


When marketing to The Explorer, you need to understand what they value in advertising efforts, and on the contrary, what they dislike. Each archetype is different, and to ensure your success, you need to understand what they value in brand and marketing.

In order to appeal to The Explorer, you need to create excitement. When you target individuality and freedom, The Explorer is far more likely to engage. They are attracted to brands that are innovative, ambitious, and are unconventional. When you push the limits of what seems possible, they are more interested.

Embracing the ‘wild’ side is a key way to attract the audience. By ensuring that your brand doesn’t feel like a corporate conglomerate, The Explorer will feel secure in experiencing more with you.

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