How to Market to The Jester Archetypes

The Jester has the desire to entertain. They do this because they compartmentalize their feelings and aspirations. They navigate every situation with comedy and joy. Each archetype demands different things of marketing, and it is integral that you know prior to the development of a marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into some of the details, and better grasp an understanding of The Jester. NoteIf you’re curious about finding and understanding your audience better, try our Archetypes Quiz here.

The Jester

The Jester loves life in a way that is much different from the other archetypes. Unique to this archetype is the desire to compartmentalize pain and sorrow. In order to cover their feelings, they use humour and laughter to lighten every room. They instill feelings of joy to those around them. The Jester chooses to live vicariously through others’ appreciation for life.

The Jester is not afraid to stand out, and therefore commits to everything they set out to do. This is why they can also be classified as an executant. This may seem contrary to their silly and jokester nature, but never underestimate The Jester.

Target Audience

When you are looking at your target audience, you need to determine whether they are a Jester archetype. 

The Jester is often found in fields of entertainment. While comedians are the epitome of this archetype, there are ample athletes that would fall in this archetype. The Jester can be found in any room.

They refuse to be boring or to be bored, and strive to be uplifting. By living in the moment they can maximize their fulfillment. With that said, there are things you must ask yourself to see if your target market is The Jester.

  • Does My Target Market Like Adventure?
  • Is My Target Market Enthusiastic?
  • Is My Target Market a Devil’s Advocate ?
  • Does My Target Market Like to Entertain?
  • Does My Target Market Compartmentalize Feelings?


If you answer yes to most of these questions, your target market is likely to be The Jester.


When marketing to The Jester, you need to understand what they value in advertising efforts, and on the contrary, what they dislike. Each archetype is different, and to ensure your success, you need to understand what they value in brand and marketing.

Unlike many archetypes, The Jester values the journey above all. They want an adventure and to be entertained. The outcome is the least concerning part for them. They act as a devil’s advocate to encourage innovation and novelty. It is important to know that The Jester is easily bored. When developing a marketing strategy, you need to ensure that innovation is the priority. This target market loves unconventional and silly marketing. Brands that can successfully market to The Jester use bright colours, slogans, and witty comments.

The Jester values what you can do for them in terms of experience and journey. By considering the customer journey regularly, you can ensure that you have long term success in your marketing.

When your target market is The Jester Archetype, you need to understand the ‘life-of-the-party’ mentality. By having this understanding, you can better understand how to move forward with your marketing strategy

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