How to Market to The Magician Archetypes

The Magician is the archetype that partakes in transformation. Each archetype demands different things of marketing, and it is integral that you know prior to the development of a marketing strategy.

Let’s dive into some of the details, and better grasp an understanding of The Magician. NoteIf you’re curious about finding and understanding your audience better, try our Archetypes Quiz here

The Magician

Charismatic is the key way to describe the Magician. They have an incredible ability to engage with a group of individuals and they have a belief in themselves without being over confident. Their unique ability to see things in a different light allows them to differentiate themselves from other archetypes. While they are dreamers, they are equally doers.

The Magician has the ability to balance dreams and execution. While they have lofty aspirations to transform society, they also have the ability to effectively execute all dreams. They have strength in their commitment and don’t fear challenging the status quo. With that said, they fear risk and require the support of others.

The Magician is a catalyst of change. Through their initiative and charismatic nature, they can effectively initiate change.

Target Audience

When you are looking at your target audience, you need to determine whether they are a Magician archetype. 

This archetype can be found in all fields. Their charisma allows them to be highly employable. They tend to apply creativity to all aspects of their life, and rely on their ability to inspire to create change. When understanding who your target market is, you must ask yourself several questions.

  • Is My Target Market Charismatic?
  • Does My Target Market Desire Change?
  • Does My Target Market Look At Things From A Different Angle?
  • Is My Target Market Often Found in a Group?
  • Does My Target Market Avoid Facing Risk Alone?


If you answer yes to most of these questions, your target market is likely to be The Magician. The Magician can be found anywhere.


When marketing to The Magician, you need to understand what they value in advertising efforts, and on the contrary, what they dislike. Each archetype is different, and to ensure your success, you need to understand what they value in brand and marketing.

When you market to your target market, it is integral to understand their values. The Magician values intellect. At the end of a marketing campaign, The Magician would like to feel as if they gained something spiritually or intellectually.

In order to appeal to The Magician archetype, it is necessary that your marketing be imaginative and creative. They are dissuaded when placed in a box, and require marketing that is open and accepting of all.

When you effectively market to The Magician, they will feel as if they can make a difference. By promoting potential for change and transformation, The Magician will be intrigued.

Transformations in the world happen due to The Magician. Their desire to bring transformative ideas to fruition drives them. By understanding their drive, you can effectively convey a message to The Magician.

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